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We are the number one solution for reliable, smart, and efficient irrigation services that you need. We provide solutions that go above and beyond the standard garden hose and offer smart irrigation systems that you can rely on. We help you design, develop, maintain and enhance irrigation systems for increased yields and water savings.

With a lawn irrigation system from our expert team, you will save water and money while getting the best results imaginable.

Complete & High Quality Irrigation Services

Commercial sprinkler
HOA/COA/ Commercial

For all commercial, industrial, and municipal grounds, we handle the headaches, so you don't have to

Sprinkler heads in a garden in the backyard of a house
Irrigation Auditing

Verify systems are working as designed and identify opportunities to improve water-use efficiency.

Smart irrigation system

We can set up a sprinkler system for your garden or a drip system that works for your maintenance needs.

Image of a hunter sprinkler system
Hunter Sprinkler System

We provide sprinkler systems, including the Hunter and Rainbird sprinkler systems.

Irrigation Seasonal Maintenance System

Our irrigation repair service addresses all aspects of your irrigation system.

Commercial sprinkler
Landscape Irrigation Design

Our landscape irrigation design service installs your irrigation system.

Smart irrigation system
Smart Irrigation System

At Environmental Designers Irrigation, we’re excited to welcome our clients to the future with smart irrigation technology.

Sprinkler system
Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are automated irrigation systems designed to provide your lawn with the optimal amount of water it needs

Beyond Your Expectations

Expectations are high for modern irrigation systems and solutions. We know this, and that’s why we work to go beyond what you’re expecting. To do this, we invest in the latest advanced technology for your irrigation system. Do you want a smart controller? A smart controller will be connected to the wifi system in your home, enabling you to change settings and systems wirelessly to suit your needs. Using the smart irrigation controller, you’ll be able to adjust everything.

A man operating ditch witch machine on a pile of garbage
App control of your entire system
Automate watering based on your local weather
Duration of the irrigation
Frequency of the irrigation
Time the irrigation begins and ends

Using our systems, you will have complete control over your watering schedule. You won’t be disappointed with the results a system like this can provide for your home. Your grass will look healthier than ever and will always be well maintained.

Proudly Serving New Jersey for Over 30-Years

Designed For Your Needs

What type of system do you want? We supply drip irrigation solutions and lawn sprinklers to match your needs. These will fit your budget and can be designed to your unique specifications.

Drip irrigation systems are one of the most efficient possibilities on the market. With a drip system, water is carried underground to numerous emitters. These dripping emitters release water directly to the roots of the plant and maximize evaporation. This ensures the least water is used for the maximum effect. These emitters can also be placed directly into flower pots, eliminating the need to hand water hanging or hard to get to plants.

Providing You With a Lush Lawn

There is a range of benefits to using an irrigation system over your typical garden hose. When you use our irrigation company, the process is automatic. No more going outside every couple of hours to ensure it is getting the love and care that it needs. Your lawn deserves only the best, which is what our lawn irrigation systems can offer you. You will find this product especially helpful if you constantly forget to do this task yourself.

Conserving Water One Job at a Time

Using new technology is a bridge to new highs of water conservation. The amount of water used to provide people with lovely lawns does not have to cripple the community. Rising water bills are something that smart irrigation systems can remedy for you. Water is precious, and everyone needs to be doing their part to save as much as possible. Having the latest smart irrigation system installed in your home is the first step to helping your local area save water and money.

Our Work

We specialize in water management services, water saving technologies, revamping antiquated systems, auditing, maintenance service, and installation.

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