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Irrigation System Activation

Activation will be performed between April 1 and May 1, and will consist of:

Check all water meter(s) for winter damage.
Check external water pumps for winter damage.
Record water meter readings
Pressurize main lines.
Check backflow devices.
Check all rain sensors.
Activate all irrigation system zones.
Check all well water conditioning systems.
Make repairs on irrigation system upon approval by management to be billed additionally.
Adjust spray patterns on all sprinkler heads.
Set time, day, and watering cycles on all controllers, and install new batteries.
Check all rain sensors.

A report will be provided to inform management of any repairs performed and any repairs that may be required which are not included in this contract. Additional repairs will be performed upon written authorization from a representative of the Management Company.

Mid-Season Diagnostic Check

A Mid-Season Diagnostic check will be performed each contract year during the watering season and will consist of points 4-12 of the irrigation system start-up. Repairs not included.

Mid-Season Walk Through

A mid-season walkthrough may be performed at management’s request as part of this contract in July or August. We recommend that the walkthrough be performed after a mid-season diagnostic.


The winterization of the irrigation system will be performed in October-November.

1. Close all main water valves and/or shut down all well controls.
2. Record meter readings
3. All lines will be pressurized with compressed air in order to bleed out any remaining water.
4. All clocks will be shut down.
5. Batteries will be removed from the clocks.
6. A report will be submitted upon completion.

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We specialize in water management services, water saving technologies, revamping antiquated systems, auditing, maintenance service, and installation.

Limited Up to 5-Year Service Warranty

EDI will Warranty all the Rain Bird sprinkler heads and Smart Controllers including material and labor for (5)Five years from the completion of the installation. EDI will Warranty all other repairs, including parts and materials for a period of (2)Two years. Warranties cover product and material failure and/or poor workmanship failure as stipulated by the relative manufacturers. All warranty duration terms will remain active as long as EDI continues to service the irrigation system for the community. Warranties exclude parts that have any physical damage and/or may have been caused by other persons not associated with EDI. Longest warranty in the industry.

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