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Irrigation Repair

Even the best-maintained irrigation systems will eventually need repair. If you suspect that your irrigation system needs an overhaul then get in touch with Environmental Designs Irrigation today. Our irrigation repair service addresses all aspects of your irrigation system, helping your sprinkler system work in the way that the manufacturer intended.

You may need irrigation repair if you notice that your lawn isn't getting full coverage or that your plants aren't receiving the correct amount of water any longer. Installing an irrigation system is only a part of the process: you also need to maintain it over time, especially as the season's change and the weather become colder.

Residential Sprinkler
Residential Sprinkler

The good news is that the majority of sprinkler system issues are easy to fix. We’ll send out an engineer to examine your current setup and then investigate what work needs to be done. If repairs can be carried out immediately using equipment to hand, then they will be.

We will also diagnose the cause of any damage. Often, the damage is avoidable (such as water freezing in pipes), but there are times when equipment needs to be set up differently, perhaps because the lay of the land has changed, or maybe because it was not set up correctly in the first place. We will send out an experienced and qualified technician to evaluate where problems may arise and what can be done to prevent them from recurring again in the future.

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Irrigation Seasonal Maintenance

Irrigation maintenance usually happens in the spring and summer months. The purpose of the maintenance is to make sure that the sprinkler system is operating at peak performance. Our comprehensive irrigation maintenance service includes the following checks:

  • Check for Signs of Leakage

    Ideally, sprinklers should run at 50 PSI. But during regular operation, high pressures can lead to damage to the hardware, especially if the system has been exposed to freeze-thaw weathering. If we find a leak in a pipe, then the water supply will be cut using the shut-off valve, and the pipe either repaired or replaced with PVC piping.

  • Identify and Correct Problems with Spray Patterns

    Over time, spray heads can become deformed, and sprinkler patterns change. Our comprehensive maintenance service corrects any issues with spray patterns and ensures that water spray reaches all of the intended areas.

  • Clean Clogged Nozzles

    Clogged nozzles and sprinkler heads” are a common reason for spray abnormalities, according to Conserve H2O. Nozzles and spray head can become contaminated with debris from the environment or buildup of residue in hard water areas. With a thorough clean, most spray attachments can be returned to excellent condition and continue to function adequately.

  • Check Rain Sensors

    The purpose of rain sensors is to make sure that an irrigation system doesn’t switch on when there has been sufficient rain to keep plants watered. Rain sensors can, however, sometimes fail, so it’s important to check them regularly, especially after freezing temperatures.

  • Calibrate the Backflow Device

    Air can build up inside pipes during regular use. Maintenance involves flushing the air out, keeping the vales on the backflow open.

Winterizing Irrigation Systems - Winterization Services

Here at Environmental Designs Irrigation, we offer a full winterize sprinkler system service - a type of maintenance that prepares your sprinkler system for winter and gives you peace of mind. By ensuring that you winterize your irrigation system, you can protect your investment in your irrigation system and guarantee that your sprinkler system will continue to work hard for you for years to come.

Winter brings some unique challenges to sprinkler and irrigation systems. The main issue is the freeze-thaw weathering. Cold weather in the winter can cause any remaining water in pipes to freeze. As water freezes, it expands, damaging the surrounding equipment.

Residential Sprinkler

Our winterization services prevent your pipes from either bursting or developing cracks as a result of winter conditions. We use the “blow out method” to drain the water out of your system. All water is flushed out using manual drain valves and compressed air. System winterization means that you can leave your irrigation system installed during the winter months and not have to worry about damage come spring.

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We specialize in water management services, water saving technologies, revamping antiquated systems, auditing, maintenance service, and installation.

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Maintaining and repairing an irrigation system is easy and cost-effective. Once your system is up and running smoothly, you’ll save water and keep your plants - whatever they happen to be - looking healthy and beautiful. Get in touch with us today to discuss system maintenance and repair.

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