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Sprinkler systems are automated irrigation systems designed to provide your lawn with the optimal amount of water it needs, as efficiently as possible, depending on the conditions. Watering a lawn (or any plant) by hand can be a time-consuming and inefficient process, and so installing a sprinkler system can free you up to spend your time more productively, while not breaking the bank.

You can use our sprinkler systems in dozens of settings, from lawns to crops to little patches of green turf outside the front of your home. Their versatility is part of their appeal and one of the many reasons why millions of Americans, across the country, have installed these systems at their place of work and home.

Residential sprinkler

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What Is Sprinkler Irrigation Installation and Repair?

With our sprinkler irrigation installation, you can set up a sprinkler system at a location of your choosing, whether a golf course, a field of crops, a lawn, a backyard, or a public park. Our irrigation systems, or sprinklers as they are also known, aim to simulate natural rainfall by providing plants with an adequate supply of water to meet their needs. Modern sprinkler systems are sophisticated and can be set with timers or even manage themselves with sensors and software. When you use us as your lawn sprinkler system contractor, you can “set and forget” your sprinkler irrigation system: we’ll set the whole thing up for you.

Irrigation auditing

Sometimes, lawn sprinklers, sprinkler heads, and other parts of the irrigation system can break down and need maintenance. But with us, all your maintenance needs are covered. We can help with a range of sprinkler maintenance issues so that you get nothing but the most convenient use from your sprinkler.

Freezing temperatures can also cause problems with irrigation system components. We will design your irrigation system with the proper parts so that it can be winterized and in turn keep it from getting any freeze damage.

The Benefits Of Sprinkler System Installation

Our sprinkler irrigation system installation offers you a host of benefits

  • No More Manual Watering

    Sprinkler systems are a great way to add a little convenience to your life. With a sprinkler system, you can say goodbye to manual watering forever. A lawn sprinkler system can automatically keep your grass green and healthy, whether you run a business or want to keep your lawn at home in tip-top condition.

  • Save Cash

    Regular methods of watering plants wastewater. The reason is that manual watering - or uncontrolled sprinkler watering - doesn’t account for environmental conditions and waste a large amount of water. The amount of water you need depends on the precise soil type, the climate, and the ability of the roots of the plants to hold on to water. With smart sprinkler controllers, you can account for all these variables automatically, without having to do any guesswork. By only using the water you need, you can save money on your water bill over the long term

  • Save Water

    With freshwater supplies under pressure, it’s vital that we all do everything we can to conserve water. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Americans waste 1 trillion gallons of water each year.” With our irrigation system, you can save water by watering your plants at the optimal time of day and only giving them the water that they need.

  • Avoid Overwatered Plants

    Overwatering produces limp grass, the growth of thatch, fertilizer leaching, and a lawn that feels soggy underfoot. With a sprinkler system, you can avoid overwatering, helping to keep your plants in the best condition possible.

  • Avoid Underwatering Plants

    Underwatered plants feel crisp, look wilted and do not grow as fast as plants which have enough water. Again, fitting a sprinkler system can help you avoid the adverse effects of not providing your plants with sufficient water.

Our Work

We specialize in water management services, water saving technologies, revamping antiquated systems, auditing, maintenance service, and installation.

Sprinkler Systems Scheduling

Sprinkler systems have advanced considerably in recent years. In the past, sprinklers were set to come on twice per day: in the morning and the evening, for a fixed period. These systems improved on manual watering, but they did not adapt to conditions. A lawn would be watered by the same amount regardless of whether it had been a hot or cold day.

Modern smart water sprinklers can adapt to local weather conditions and provide plants with less or more water, depending on temperature and precipitation data over wifi and adjust water output in real time.

The ultimate goal or sprinkler system installation and maintenance are to reduce the overall water needed to keep a lawn in excellent condition. With our systems, you can reduce your monthly expenditure on lawn maintenance, keep your grass looking green, better manage your crops during severe weather, and use drip irrigation. Let us install your sprinkler irrigation system today

Frequently Asked Questions

The average size home sprinkler system takes 1 to 2 days to install. A large estate home can take from three days to one week. A large commercial system can take months, or even years to complete.

Absolutely! Click here for video tutorials from Hunter and Rain Bird:
Rain Bird-

We recommend asking your lawn care professional for watering instructions. They are responsible for making sure all of the fertilizers and weed controls are working. Beyond that, we recommend that the system operate between 2am and 6am on even or odd days- whichever corresponds to your house number in order to abide by watering restrictions.

To make the math easy use the following- each rotary head uses 3 gallons per minute and each spray head uses 1 gallon per minute. Multiply the number of heads times the appropriate gallons. Then multiply that number by 60 (minutes per week) and 30 (weeks per year of watering). That will give you annual usage. To break it down a little more by quarter- Q1-0; Q2-30%; Q3-60%; Q4-10%.

Dealing with sprinkler system repair issues or replacements doesn’t need to be a frustrating experience. The key to keeping your sprinkler system running is by fixing issues as soon as they arise and staying on top of routine maintenance in-between. If you have any further questions about irrigation system installment, repairs, or upgraded replacements, please contact us at Environmental Designers Irrigation.

Choosing a professional irrigation system ups your home’s value in more ways than one. If you are looking for that sweet spot to increase the value of your home then installing an irrigation system might be your best bet. A system like this promotes a high quality to your home. It can also boost your curb appeal and encourages water conservation.

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