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Reducing Maintenance Cost
Bringing Down High Water Bills
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Are you looking to take your irrigation system to the next level? At Environmental Designers Irrigation, we’re excited to welcome our clients to the future with smart irrigation technology. You might have heard this term before, but do you know all the benefits? Experts in the irrigation industry, we can help you decide whether this is the right choice for your home or property.

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What Is a Smart Irrigation System?

Smart irrigation systems are completely different from your typical irrigation system. They go one step further than the other systems available on the market. Instead of working on preset timers, smart irrigation technology monitors a range of factors such as:


Soil Conditions


Plant Water Use

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From this information, a watering schedule is created by your smart irrigation controller. This brings you more benefits as it gives your lawn the water it needs when it needs it. No more wasting water when you have a smart irrigation system. They are capable of making the correct adjustments without human input, meaning almost no manual intervention is necessary while eliminating human error.

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How Will It Benefit You?

Did you know that outside water use averages around 9 billion gallons each day? Most of this water is used for landscape maintenance, and this high amount needs to come down. Overwatering is one of the biggest culprits for this 9 billion gallons. Conserving water is essential for a number of different reasons, such as:

Reducing maintenance costs

Bringing down high water bills

Conserving the community water

Stretching the planet's resources further

Reducing what is costs to irrigate

Using a smart irrigation system will allow you to control the amount of water you are using — no more inefficient preset timers when you use the smart alternative. Your lawn is going to look as beautiful as ever without wasting water.

Just how smart are smart irrigation systems? Imagine that a heavy storm had hit your home. A typical irrigation system would continue to operate and wastewater on land that is moist enough. Smart irrigation systems are different because they can access local weather data using a wifi irrigation controller. They then use this data to adjust and change the programming to different weather environments.

So in the event of a heavy rainstorm, the sprinklers won't need to turn at all. This is one of the great ways a system like this is going to save you a lot of water and money.

Different Designs We Can Offer

Have you decided that a smart irrigation system is a right option for your needs? We’re thrilled to say that there a range of exciting possibilities that you can consider here. These include a:

Wifi irrigation controller

Automatic sensor solution

Flow meter

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A smart irrigation controller is all you need to easily and automatically manage your system. Using this you will be able to determine the duration of irrigation sensors, the time between sessions, and much more! On a smart solution, you can benefit from an automatic adjustment system. The system is adaptable to various environmental conditions and will change to provide efficiency without impacting quality.

Do you want to make sure that your grass always looks nothing short of great? Our design can include a moisture sensor solution. With this, the system will recognize if plants need watering and immediately respond based on the moisture levels in the soil! This can be completely automated with no input from you.

You might think that a system like this will require digging for wires and connections. With our wifi irrigation controller, you won’t have to worry about this at all since everything is kept to a minimum. As such, a smart irrigation system and can be set up in less time than you think and with minimal interference on your property.

Our Work

We specialize in water management services, water saving technologies, revamping antiquated systems, auditing, maintenance service, and installation.

Why Choose Our Smart Irrigation Design?

We are pioneers of the smart irrigation system and can offer the perfect design for your needs. Are you unsure of the different possibilities available? We can provide all the options available and help you design the perfect smart irrigation system for your property. Once we have the design you love, we’ll develop and build it for you. With our expert team, we can keep installations fast and cost competitive while guaranteeing a quality solution. We’ll take into account all the key details such as the plant water requirements and the watering efficiency level you deserve.

We won’t leave you after the installation is complete either. If your irrigation system ever needs maintaining, we’ll be there to provide expert assistance. Get in touch now and discover how the right smart irrigation system could save you a fortune and make lawn management magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your new system will need to be winterized every autumn which we will do with a large air compressor. In the spring, the system will need to be turned on again and programmed to run. You can have us do this or you can do it yourself. On occasion the system may need service. Garden Irrigation prides itself in our dependable service technicians and our great customer relations. If you need us we are only a phone call away.

We install all major manufactures irrigation materials and those materials are warranted for Two-Five Years depending on the product. In addition, our company guarantees everything we do, (including labor & adjustments) 100% for 1 year.

Yes, each town has specific permits which are required. We will file these permits on your behalf as part of our agreement with you. You will only need to pay the specific fees required by the township and then arrange for the final inspection.

No, by law (The Water Conservation Act ) all new sprinkler systems come with an automatic rain sensor which will turn the system of when significant rainfall occurs f. It will automatically reset itself when the rain ends so even if you are on vacation your system knows what to do.

A Smart Irrigation System has a smart controller and specialized smart irrigation heads and attachments. These parts collect data related to water consumption, availability, quality, and unique site needs. As a result, you’ll cut back on the amount of water you use each month. The computerized controller helps you manage all kinds of irrigation issues that would typically take a lot of time to work out manually.

New technologies like SMART irrigation systems are intelligent and cost-effective irrigation solutions for all types of businesses and facilities. Another way SMART irrigation systems keep your facilities green is through cloud computing. Cloud-based systems are easy to manage from remote locations via websites or smartphone apps.

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