How Does An Irrigation System Add Value To Your Home

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How does an irrigation system add value to your home

Are you looking to up the value of your current home? You’re probably wondering…where can I add the most value?

Yet, you want to do it without breaking the bank. Something that costs a lot upfront and contributes little to your resale value won’t cut it. Instead, you’re searching for a home improvement project that noticeably boosts your appraisal value.

Enter → an irrigation system.

A sprinkler system is a way to guarantee maximum curb appeal. When you choose a system that’s easy to use and high-quality, you make a green lawn possible for any potential buyer.

No one wants to worry about yellowing grass, and a sad-looking lawn can tarnish a beautiful home. A large area of browning grass? Yikes.

A sprinkler system tells potential buyers you’ve taken the work out of lawn maintenance. When you reduce their work AND ensure the kind of curb appeal people crave – how could they say no? If that doesn’t sell them, how about the water conservation or quality aspects?

Choosing a professional irrigation system ups your home’s value in more ways than one. Here’s how lawn sprinklers can help:


Residential sprinkler

It’s critical to note that not every irrigation system is built the same way. There’s a big difference between installing your irrigation supplies and installing a professional system. An expert system boosts property value, but a poorly-designed one can take away value.

Avoid losing money and creating a headache of a landscape. Take it from us, leave the installation to the experts. It needs to be not only well designed but also installed efficiently for the greenery you have. For example, certain plants need more water than others. The watering system should also avoid spraying unnecessary spaces with concrete or mulch.

Most realtors advise their clients to work with a company that has experience installing top-of-the-line systems. That way, their client knows that their new system will saturate the grass and landscaping while sparing the areas that don’t need it. Further, this allows them to confidently sell your property with the irrigation system being a bonus (not a drawback) because they know it’s been done right.



Arguably the most significant selling factor for potential buyers is that the system is already set up. When you move into a home that already has sprinklers taken care of, you know your lawn maintenance will be a breeze.

Sure, you might need to pay for a sprinkler repair company now and then. But most of the work is done for you. And in the grand scheme of things, sprinkler repairs are nothing.

The alternative isn’t so great: standing out on the lawn with a garden hose every week to keep a healthy lawn is no fun. If you decide to do even less, you’re stuck with a sad, yellowed lawn that won’t compare to the neighbors’.

By biting the bullet and installing a sprinkler system on your own before selling, you make the buying decision that much easier for everyone else.

Curb Appeal


Curb appeal refers directly to how attractive property is from its street view.

Several components go into a curb appeal consideration:

  • A Gorgeous Yard
  • A Vibrant and a Fresh Paint Job
  • Intact Roof
  • A Pleasing Aesthetic

Curb appeal is a great marketing tactic when trying to sell your home; buyers are more likely to want to peek in when they already love what they see on the outside. This “wow” factor will entice buyers to get inside and continue the tour.

Grass and landscaping is a significant factor in curb appeal. Without an attractive yard, your property can look old and neglected.

The best fix for this is an irrigation system, of course. A regular dose of a watering system will refresh the greenery on your property. And a refreshed, green lawn can completely transform the exterior view of your home.

Of course, you could increase your curb appeal by hand-watering your grass or replacing everything dead with fresh sod. Without an automatic sprinkler system to maintain it, however, you can’t insure your investment. Smart irrigation systems will do the work for you to keep your plants growing healthier and living longer.


It’s a common myth that installing an automatic sprinkler system will make your water bill skyrocket. An installed network of sprinklers will help with saving water and money.

How is that so? Irrigation technology has come a long way. These systems have become smarter. Now, they can use unique controls to apply just the exact amount of water that your landscape needs. Individual sensors can even tell when it’s raining, and they’re not required.

If you have been watering your lawn with a hose, there were likely times you did a sub-par job. Setting up a manual sprinkler hose attachment and forgetting to turn it off in time is not efficient. Spraying your lawn by hand and missing spots results in brown or yellowing areas.

With an underground system that’s set up by the experts, you won’t have to worry about wasting water or getting uneven results.

Potential home buyers want to know they won’t be stuck with a high water bill. They also want to know they’re not wasting water, as environmental factors are a significant factor in the buying process.

Knowing that if they move into your home, they will have an efficient system already in play that will ease anxieties about water conservation.

The Sweet Spot for Value

Are you looking for that sweet spot to increase the value of your home? Installing an irrigation system might be your best bet. A system like this promotes a high quality to your home. It can also boost your curb appeal and encourages water conservation.

When potential home buyers shop around for the house of their dreams, and installed irrigation system is something they’re always looking for. Make the sale easier by giving them what they want and what your lawn needs: a professionally installed sprinkler system.

Guy Virone

Guy Virone leads a team of top-rated irrigations experts specializing in water management services, water-saving technologies, revamping antiquated systems, auditing, maintenance service, and installation.

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