Sprinkler System

How many sprinkler heads per zone or valve a comprehensive guide

How Many Sprinkler Heads Per Zone or Valve? A Comprehensive Guide

By Guy Virone / October 17, 2023

Everyone enjoys a lush, green lawn, but to get the best-looking lawn possible, proper irrigation is essential. But how do you determine this number? How many sprinklers per zone is optimal for watering? This might seem daunting but do not fret. This comprehensive guide will shed light on everything you need to know about achieving…

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Man digging trench to replace sewer line pipes and lawn sprinkler system

Do I Need a Sprinkler System Repair or Replacement

By Guy Virone / October 10, 2022

Having an irrigation system is key for keeping a beautiful, healthy lawn. But if any piece of your sprinkler system is out of whack, it could cause major issues from flooding to underwatering. This could ruin the landscape that you worked so hard to grow! But how do you know if you need just a…

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How to program your hunter sprinkler system 2

How to Program Your Hunter Sprinkler System

By Guy Virone / August 22, 2022

The best way to care for your lawn is by installing a sprinkler system for irrigation. However, a common mistake that so many homeowners make is using their sprinklers too little or too often. Overwatering your lawn is not only extremely wasteful, but it can oversaturate the soil, making it impossible for plants to take…

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Preparing your sprinkler system for summer

10 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Sprinkler System for Summer

By Guy Virone / April 18, 2022

There’s not much irrigation that goes on during winter and fall, but when summer is approaching, you need to ready your sprinkler for the intense work. Your lawn needs regular watering during warm weather to keep it green and lush throughout the summer. If you’ve not used your sprinkler for long, you must check whether…

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Sprinkler head not popping up

Why Is My Sprinkler Head Not Popping Up?

By Guy Virone / February 22, 2022

A sprinkler system is a great way to ensure that your lawn gets the water it needs to look lush and green. Yet, at some point, you may find that one or more of your sprinkler heads are not popping up. A sprinkler head lasts an average of 8 to 15 years, but external factors…

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