How to Program Your Hunter Sprinkler System

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How to program your hunter sprinkler system 2

The best way to care for your lawn is by installing a sprinkler system for irrigation. However, a common mistake that so many homeowners make is using their sprinklers too little or too often.

Overwatering your lawn is not only extremely wasteful, but it can oversaturate the soil, making it impossible for plants to take root. This will eventually cause your grass to die, leaving you with a muddy, dead lawn instead. And of course, not using enough water or spraying infrequently will dry out your yard – especially during long, hot summers.

This is why programming your sprinkler system is the best choice for both residential and commercial irrigation.

The Hunter Sprinkler System is a great option that is easy to program for a healthy, green lawn all year round.

Here are a couple of reasons why this solution is a game-changer – as well as what is needed for a complete watering program.

What Makes the Hunter Sprinkler System Different?

Hunter sprinkler system

The Hunter system offers a unique advantage, thanks to its innovative Smart Irrigation controller features. You can easily control and automate your sprinklers through the control system for automatic turn-on and shut-off, as well as scheduled watering times. This is based on the Hunter Run Time Calculator.

What is the Hunter Run Time Calculator?

Hunter pro c controller

The Hunter Run Time Calculator uses your location to calculate the amount of water you need for your lawn. The need may be based on certain times of the year. The system will ask what city you live in.  If the city you live in is not in the database, you can select a nearby city.

Can the Hunter Run Time Calculator help me lower my water bill?

The Smart Hunter Sprinkler system is that it monitors water usage and regional data closely to determine how much moisture your lawn needs. This helps to conserve energy and resources, cutting your water bill and helping the environment!

The Smart Irrigation system will also alert you of any issues, such as leaks, system breaks, or blockages so you can schedule maintenance right away. A single crack in a sprinkler pipe can waste over 200 gallons of water a day. With a Smart Hunter system, you will know if there are any signs of issues with your system – and it can be shut off until it is repaired.

Benefits of Time Programming

Hunter sprinklers runtine calculator

Timer programming for sprinkler systems is great for both residential and commercial lawn care because you can just set it and forget it. This means that your lawn will be well cared for, even when you are on vacation or no one is around to manually operate the system.

One of the greatest benefits of using Hunter Sprinklers is its unique programming options. Many sprinklers allow you to set automatic times when it will turn on and off – but it is not ideal to keep the same schedule all year long.

Changes in weather patterns can influence how much water your lawn needs. It may need more during hot summer days and less during a more humid springtime. With traditional timer setups, you would have to reprogram your system every time that you want to make a change.

Hunter Sprinklers are different because you can set up four different programmed times to alternate between to solve this issue.

How to Set Up Programming Times

Once your Hunter Sprinkler system is installed, you can easily program all of your timer settings in a few quick steps.

1. Set Up the Correct Date and Time

Hunter sprinkler set the date

Your first step will be to set up the correct time and date on your sprinkler controller. Simply turn the dial to “Current Time/Day” and use the directional buttons above until you see the correct day and time on the display. This information will be saved automatically.

2. Select Your Start Times

Hunter proc select start time

You can select up to four different start times, depending on factors like the day of the week, season, or for special circumstances (such as when you leave on vacation). Simply turn the dial to “Start Times.”

You can then use the plus and minus buttons to select the desired start time and day of the week. You can also program with the station of your yard will be watered at specific times if desired. You can have up to three stations, also called programs.

This is ideal for large yards that get direct sunlight at different times during the day. It is best to avoid watering in direct sunlight, as some of the water will evaporate.

If you want to remove a start time, simply push the minus button until the display shows 12:00 AM and then press the minus button one more time. This will input the OFF position for the start time.

3. Set the Run Times

Hunter set up the run time (1)

You can control how long your sprinklers run on each station. Turn the dial to “Run Times” and highlight each start time that you want to adjust. It is recommended that you water for shorter periods in spring and fall – and longer times in the summer.


Going with a Hunter Sprinkler system is a great choice for efficient water irrigation for your lawn or garden. The best way to keep your sprinklers running in tip-top shape is to hire an irrigation service for installation, routine maintenance, and any repairs.

Environmental Designers Irrigation are the experts with Hunter Sprinklers and all aspects of lawn irrigation. We offer the latest Smart Irrigation technology for a more efficient and convenient way to keep your lawn looking great.

If you want to learn more about installing or programming a Hunter Sprinkler system, please reach out to us online for a free estimate or consultation. 


Published on: Feb 18, 2021

Updated on: Aug 22, 2022

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