Irrigation System

homeowners tips hiring specialized irrigation contractor

Homeowners’ Tips: Hiring a Specialized Irrigation Contractor

By Guy Virone / April 22, 2021

You make a lot of careful choices when designing your landscape, from choosing the kind of grass you lay down to planning your garden’s layout. So, why would you go with a generalized contractor to perform your irrigation service? Hiring a general contractor to perform all of the irrigation services can end in disaster, as…

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How to Program Your Hunter Sprinkler System 2

How to Program Your Hunter Sprinkler System

By Guy Virone / February 18, 2021

The best way to care for your lawn is by installing a sprinkler system for irrigation. However, a common mistake that so many homeowners make is using their sprinklers too little or too often. Overwatering your lawn is not only extremely wasteful, but it can oversaturate the soil, making it impossible for plants to take…

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Automatic Sprinkle plants in the garden

10 Best Practices to Maintain Your Irrigation System

By Guy Virone / January 29, 2021

A great irrigation system is a real secret to a healthy, luscious lawn. But to keep your grass and foliage growing, your sprinkler system needs to be in tip-top shape. Replacing or fixing a broken system can be extremely expensive, and it may require you to dig up your gorgeous lawn in the process. For…

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sprinkler system spreading water across the garden

How Can You Protect Your Irrigation System From Winter Damage

By Guy Virone / November 20, 2020

Having an irrigation system is great for keeping your lawn healthy and vibrant in the spring and summer. But once the colder weather rolls in, it is time to prepare your yard for the winter ahead. This means raking up all of the leaves that have fallen, covering your garden beds to protect them from…

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How to Upgrade to a Smart Irrigation System

How to Upgrade to a Smart Irrigation System

By Guy Virone / November 17, 2020

Controlling irrigation manually is time-consuming, and being only human, you may not always get it right. Upgrading to a Smart Irrigation System will get the legwork done for you, and this technology is more sustainable for the environment. Upgrading to a more efficient and modern system will regulate the exact amount of water your property…

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