Revamping Antiquated IRRIGATIONS SYSTEMS and Upgrading to SMART Irrigation Systems

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Revamping antiquated irrigation systems

Revamping an antiquated irrigation system is a key step in saving water and money. Irrigation technology, not only in products but also in techniques and industry standards, has changed quite a bit over the past years. Revamping your existing system is usually less expensive than installing an entirely new system, with the added benefits of upgrading heads, valves, controllers, and sensors with the existing pipe that is already run and in place, to irrigate more efficiently and cost-effectively. There are many new products, including high-efficiency technologies and pressure regulating nozzles, that will save on water usage, reduce repairs, and emergency calls.

A SMART Irrigation system starts with a SMART Irrigation Controller and, depending on how smart it is, it can also have sensors, water meters, and high-efficiency sprinkler heads and nozzles. The SMART Irrigation Controller connects to the internet and utilizes weather data to reprogram itself based on the historical, current, and forecasted weather conditions. As a result, the irrigation system applies the correct amount of water while cutting back on the amount of water you use each month.

The computerized SMART controller helps you manage all kinds of irrigation issues that would typically take a lot of time to work out manually. For example, suppose there is suddenly a lot of rainfall. In that case, the SMART controller will stop typical irrigation cycles automatically until it needs to resume watering.

Another example would be a water main line break. If a water meter is installed, a SMART system can include flow sensing that automatically shuts down the system when there is a substantial water flow above normal. This will shut down the controller until a repair crew fixes the problem and releases the alarm so that it can again begin irrigating.

This SMART Technology Offers the Following Benefits:

  • It calculates how much water to apply to an area so as to provide the correct amount of water depending on the conditions
  • It can also collect data about local area weather conditions
  • It can adjust water requirements accordingly
  • It can shut down a system for a break to mitigate damages from flooding and reduce wasted water.

Primarily, a SMART Irrigation System works by its central controller linked to the internet and onsite sensor.

This controller connects to your Wi-Fi system, and the technology monitors matters such as:

  • Weather conditions
  • Evaporation rates
  • How much water is used by the grass and plants
  • It then automatically adjusts irrigation schedules to cater to the individual needs and requirements of a site
  • System damage like breaks and leaks

A SMART system is far easier to manage and can save you a lot of time, money, and energy. You will save money on water utility bills and maintenance costs. If you continue to manage irrigation manually, you run the overwatering risk, which causes several problems.

“If you continue to manage irrigation manually, you run the overwatering risk, which causes several problems.”

This is especially true if the area is close to roads or other public amenities that could be eroded or damaged by excess water flow. The system will also minimize the chances of underwatering an area, thereby keeping it looking lush and healthy all year round. To upgrade your system, you will need to gather all the information you can about your existing system. You can get a professional team to do this for you or do the initial investigations yourself.

When you are ready to upgrade to a SMART Irrigation System, be sure to contact a professional who specializes in this technology and get a quote today! 


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