How to Upgrade to a Smart Irrigation System

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How to upgrade to a smart irrigation system

Controlling irrigation manually is time-consuming, and being only human, you may not always get it right. Upgrading to a Smart Irrigation System will get the legwork done for you, and this technology is more sustainable for the environment.

Upgrading to a more efficient and modern system will regulate the exact amount of water your property needs. This could be for use at your home, at golf estates, property estates, apartment complexes, etc.

While you can do a necessary upgrade yourself, hiring a professional company to install the system will make sure you upgrade to the smart technology seamlessly. Irrigation pros will also save you from wasting time and money on trial and error, and DIY mistakes.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to upgrade to a Smart Irrigation System before making any calls to the pros.

What is a Smart Irrigation System?

A Smart Irrigation System has a smart controller and specialized smart irrigation heads and attachments. These parts collect data related to water consumption, availability, quality, and unique site needs. As a result, you’ll cut back on the amount of water you use each month.

The computerized controller helps you manage all kinds of irrigation issues that would typically take a lot of time to work out manually.

For example, suppose there is suddenly a lot of rainfall. In that case, the smart controller will stop typical irrigation cycles automatically until the site has dried out a bit and needs watering again.

This smart technology offers the following benefits:

  • It calculates exactly how much water a specific piece of land needs to function optimally
  • It can also collect data about local area weather conditions
  • It can adjust water requirements accordingly

How Does the Smart System Work?

Primarily, a Smart Irrigation System works by its central controller linked to sensors around the site. This controller connects to your Wi-Fi system, and the technology monitors matters such as:

  • Soil and weather conditions
  • Evaporation rates
  • How much water the grass and plants use
  • It then automatically adjusts irrigation schedules to cater to the individual needs and requirements of a site
  • System errors like breaks, leaks, and even theft of water

How Can a Smart Irrigation System Benefit Me?

Smart irrigation system benefit

A smart system is far easier to manage and can save you a lot of time, money, and energy. It will work out for you the exact amount of water reticulation needed, and all the extra margins will be trimmed away. You will save money on water utility bills and comply with your local municipal irrigation requirements.

If you continue to manage irrigation manually, you run the overwatering risk, which causes several problems. This is especially true if the area is close to roads or other public amenities that could be eroded or damaged by excess water flow.

The system will also minimize the chances of under watering an area, thereby keeping it looking lush and healthy all year round.

How Can I Upgrade My Existing System?

Firstly, you will need to gather all the information you can about your existing system. You can get a professional team to do this for you or do the initial investigations yourself.

You will need to:

  • Contact your local utility services to determine any critical underground piping, or other facilities before any digging happens. Damaging municipal property when you start digging will cause serious problems, so make this call first
  • Dig around the irrigation heads, so they are easily visible
  • Turn on your current system and map out where all the existing irrigation points or heads are
  • You can place flags or cones, or any other markers to show where they all are

How Can a Professional Irrigation Company Help?

Irrigate smart

It is best to get an expert in to upgrade for you, especially if you are working with a large area such as a golf or property estate.

The company you hire to help you upgrade your system will perform an irrigation audit. The company will go through a few tests before advising you on what will be needed to improve your system.

They will:

  • Collect information about your current system
  • Check that existing irrigation systems are functioning optimally.
  • Analyze a property’s unique water and irrigation system requirements
  • Establish a schedule to efficiently irrigate the site, depending on water availability and the site’s exact needs
  • Recommend maintenance systems that will keep the irrigation system reliable and efficient
  • Work out a quote for your particular site’s irrigation system upgrade requirements
  • They will also give you estimates on how much water and money you will save by using a smart system

The team will then work out any maintenance issues with your current system that are not compatible with the new system. The team may need to upgrade some of the existing hardware.

Once this is all done, your irrigation company will go ahead with setting up your smart system.

They will do the following:

  • Replace the old irrigation heads with smart ones, including smart sensors
  • Put a landscaping ring round the new heads to protect them from gardening tools such as the lawnmower.
  • Unplug and replace the told timer with your new smart timer or smart sprinkler controller. This attachment is the most important one. It is the piece that will collect all the necessary data to ensure efficient irrigation.
  • The company will then connect the controller to your home or estate Wi-Fi system so that the setup can be managed and controlled remotely.

What Does a Smart Irrigation System Cost to Set Up?

The cost depends on how large your area is and what special features you require. The best thing to do is to contact an irrigation company to assess your requirements and a customized quote.

At Environmental Designers Irrigation, we offer fast quotes for those interested in converting to our smart systems. You’ll get an idea of how much your system will cost when you choose us.


If you are ready to join the smart irrigation revolution, contact us today for more information and your Smart Irrigation System upgrade quote. Our team at Environmental Designers Irrigation is happy to learn more about your property and how to set you up with the best smart system for you.

Contact us by phone at 732-363-2775, or complete our contact form.

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