How To Choose The Best Irrigation System Repair Company?

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Choose best irrigation system repair company

All plants need water and sunlight to grow. But finding the right balance between these two crucial elements isn’t always easy. The right irrigation system can help you enjoy lush and verdant lawns, healthy and beautiful plants, and a garden that’s bursting with vibrant colors. The wrong one, however, can result in uneven patches of under-developed and undernourished plants, lead to frequent breakdowns and the need for expensive repairs, and generally provide a poor return on your investment. Whether you’re looking for a simple sprinkler system for your turf, a robust irrigation controller for commercial or municipal property, or an irrigation design for your most recent landscaping project, it’s vital to know which names you can trust and which will create more problems than they solve.

Likewise, when something goes awry with your sprinklers or drip irrigation system, you need to know who you can trust to carry out speedy and reliable repairs before lasting damage is done to your turf and flowers. In the digital age, there is a multitude of options at your fingertips. So many, in fact, that it can be challenging to know who to choose.

We hope you’ll find this guide useful as we explain how to choose the best irrigation system repair company.

Have They Demonstrated That They Can Handle a Project of Your Size/Scope?

Irrigation auditing


If your repair job has complex needs, not all irrigation companies will necessarily be equipped to handle a situation of its scale. While most repair companies will tell you that they can handle it, we appreciate that, as a customer, you can never have too much peace of mind.

As such, it’s a good idea to search through the Customer Testimonials / Reviews section of their website if they have one and look for jobs similar in size and scope to your own. If you don’t see one (or if the irrigation company in question doesn’t have a review page), take to third-party sites like Yelp or check out their Google My Business profile. Take a look at social media platforms. The more similar jobs they’ve carried out, the better you’ll feel about choosing them.

Are They Willing to Provide You with Contact Details for Previous Clients?

Reputable irrigation company

Reputable irrigation companies will be only too happy to provide you with contact details for previous happy clients they’ve left in their wake. They understand that you’ll take whatever they say about themselves with a pinch of salt and let their previous work speak for itself.

If, on the other hand, they are reticent to provide you with a phone number (or at least an email address), this may be a red flag.

Do They Provide You with a Quote Straight Away, or Arrange to Inspect the Property First?

Maintenance system

Be wary of irrigation companies that provide a quote based solely on the description of your irrigation system requirements by email or over the phone. While they may give a ballpark figure when asked, a repair company worth their salt will want to thoroughly inspect the system and get to know the requirements before providing a quote.

They’ll know that sometimes a repair is more involved than meets the eye and won’t arrive at a final quote until they’re sure of the underlying problem and the most effective solution.

Is the Repair Quote Comprehensive?

Whether you need a household repair job or a repair on a commercial/industrial/ municipal property, you have a carefully calculated budget for renovations. As such, you need to know that the quote you’re getting is the price you’ll pay with no hidden extras or add-ons. Thus, it’s worth double-checking with an irrigation company that the price they quote includes;

  • All parts
  • All labor
  • Tax
  • Any other ancillary costs

Can They Improve Your System as They Repair?


A good irrigation company will not just be able to identify the cause of the problem but also identify inadequacies in your system which could result in a repeat of the same problem or further issues later on down the line. They may be able to identify ways in which the system could be made more efficient /more comfortable to manage, like changing to a more efficient sprinkler control system or replacing parts of your infrastructure. Carrying these out while the repairs are underway could well save on labor costs rather than getting the repair done and making improvements at a later date.

While they shouldn’t pressure you or use aggressive upselling techniques to get you to pay more than you’re comfortable with, being able to identify areas for improvement will demonstrate proficiency and a proactive attitude.

Do They Use Trusted Names When It Comes to Their Parts and Supplies?

Trusted irrigation equipment brands

Irrigation systems are just like everything else. A repair job is only as good as the parts it uses. Even a skilled technician can only be so reliable when using low-quality parts. As such, you should ensure that they fork out for the good stuff and use trusted brands that are well-regarded in the field of irrigation. These include;

These are widely recognized and trusted brands, so if an irrigation company is using them, you can be assured of a decent job.

Do They Offer a Warranty on Works Carried Out?

Finally, for your peace of mind, the repair job should also include a warranty that covers both parts and labor for the repair. Most companies will offer a warranty of 12 months while some will even provide a warranty period of two years. A guarantee demonstrates that the irrigation company has faith in its abilities and reflects its commitment to earning your trust.

Need to talk about irrigation repairs or the construction of new sprinkler systems? Get in touch today!

We understand the importance of irrigation in a healthy and beautiful lawn. If you have repair work that needs to be carried out on your irrigation system, or you’re thinking of having a new system or irrigation controller installed, get in touch with Environmental Designers Irrigation today. A member of our team will be more than happy to help.


Published on: Oct 10, 2019

Updated on: Jun 2, 2022

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