Todd Dangler Joins Environmental Designers Irrigation

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Todd daangler joins environmental designers irrigation

We would like to welcome Todd Dangler to our team! Todd has 35 years in the construction, snow removal, and irrigation services field.

He has managed numerous irrigation installation projects in the tri-state area for residential and commercial properties, planned residential communities as large as 2500 single-family homes, condominium developments, apartment complexes, office parks, ball fields, and high-rise buildings.

Todd is experienced in irrigation servicing, repair, and installation of all major irrigation manufacturers including the implementation of smart irrigation technologies for all types of irrigation projects.

He also has a background in mechanical drafting, architectural drafting, building construction, plumbing, electrical, excavating, and drainage that helps him provide intuitive solutions for many issues for complex and the community he has worked with.

Todd has completed many projects reconfiguring existing large community irrigations systems utilizing two-wire technology and redesigning the existing systems to use less water than before saving communities’ on their water costs and future repair costs.

Todd has been one of the most trusted irrigation service providers for many communities, community managers, and construction managers in our region. His experience and ability to think outside the box and provide solutions for the most complex irrigation issues have made him a leader in the industry.

We are looking forward to Todd representing Environmental Designers Irrigation and hope that we will be working with you soon!

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Guy Virone

Guy Virone leads a team of top-rated irrigations experts specializing in water management services, water-saving technologies, revamping antiquated systems, auditing, maintenance service, and installation.

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