Why Irrigation Audits Are Important For Your Wallet And The Environment?

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Why irrigation audits are important for your wallet and the environment

Irrigation audits refer to a full investigation of the irrigation system on your property. With this audit, you can find out which elements of your irrigation system aren’t correctly serving your greenery. You can identify and fix over watering, under watering, and faulty equipment. This gives you the best shot at a healthy and green lawn as well as saving water and money.

Why Do I Need a Functional Irrigation System?

The irrigation system on your residential or commercial property does a lot more than take up space. It keeps all of the vegetation on the lot healthy and growing. This includes:

  • Grass
  • Trees
  • Shrubbery
  • Flowers

Without proper irrigation, you could be using too much or not enough water. Using not enough water means risking the death of your plants. It means having to undergo costly replanting of an entire bed of grass. It can make the property look unsightly. No one wants to live in a home with brown grass or shrubs and wilted flowers. It wastes time having to replant the entire lot. Too much water costs money on your utility bill. This money could be better spent on other things. Do you want to be paying extra money to kill off all your plants? No thanks!

What Does an Irrigation Audit Do?

Contrary to what the term “audit” implies, this irrigation audit SAVES you money. Property owners should do a standard irrigation audit once every 3-5 years. You can also have one in the event of any issue that may arise.

The process of a property irrigation system audit is simple. It involves an inspection of the irrigation on the property with attention to a few key factors. These factors are:

  • Inventory
  • Faulty Equipment
  • Water Precipitation

By observing these factors and rectifying any issues present, your irrigation auditors can save you money. They can keep your lawn from becoming unsightly brown turf. Turn an irrigation system from an inefficient money drain into a productive, profitable resource. Contact us for your first irrigation audit today and start saving!

Irrigation system


This part of the process refers to putting together a detailed inventory of your entire property. This inventory includes all of the irrigation equipment and the plants that they water. After your irrigation expert makes this inventory, they can use it to maximize efficiency. This ensures that plants get the water they need while reducing inventory costs.

Equipment Check

In the second part of the process, the irrigation experts examine equipment. They check to see if any of it is faulty or broken so that anything malfunctioning can be fixed. Defective equipment can lead to overwatering or under watering of the plants.


The first step is to check for leaks. To do this, they follow this simple set of steps:

  • Turn the system on and fill the mainline
  • Use a Pressure Gauge
  • Try to hold the supply of water

If the system holds the supply of water, you can know for sure there are no leaks in the system or weeping valves.

Sprinkler Heads

The next element of the equipment check is to ensure no sprinkler heads are missing or broken.


Rain Sensors

Rain sensors ensure that your sprinklers won’t go off when it’s already raining. These should be checked yearly to prevent waste of water. How they would go about testing this depends on which brand and type of rain sensor you have installed. The experienced pros at Environmental Designers Irrigation are well versed in all the latest tech available, which is why they know the ins and outs of just about every irrigation system.

Precipitation Test

Without a precipitation test, knowing how the system performance affects your property is all just guesswork. A real test can tell you exactly which areas are getting the most water, and which are getting the least. Here’s how it works:

  • Collection cups are spaced throughout each zone
  • The irrigation system is turned on and run for a determined amount of time
  • The cups are checked to see how much rainfall entered each cup and in turn for each area.

A perfectly functional system can still be missing spots if it is improperly designed. If you see patches of brown in your yard, even though your sprinklers seem to be working fine, you may not have proper placement of your sprinkler heads.

Plan for the Future

With this audit, our experts can help to create functional irrigation schedules that help to optimize productivity and resources to save time and money. You can also have your experts recommend all the best new technologies to try out to save you money and improve the health of the lawn.

Irrigation audits aren’t just about fixing broken things. They are also about optimizing your system so that you save money, cut down on resources, and properly distribute your current system for maximum lawn health and minimal cost to you.

Smart irrigation system width=

Golf courses, personal lawns, and plant life surrounding commercial offices or properties can all benefit from an irrigation audit every few years. This is especially true for money-making features that should look good and cost less to maximize profits.

Schedule Your Audit With Environmental Designers Irrigation Today!

Our full-service irrigation water management company delivers the best deals on irrigation sprinkler audits. For the past 25 years, we have served the local community with high-caliber services that end up saving our clients money and improving the look and health of their turf, shrubbery, trees, flowers, and other plant life.

We deal with all the latest technology in the field of irrigation, including smart systems, the Hunter and Rainbird sprinkler systems, and more! Contact us now at Environmental Designers Irrigation to get a free estimate and register for an audit today.

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