Homeowners’ Tips: Hiring a Specialized Irrigation Contractor

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Homeowners tips hiring specialized irrigation contractorYou make a lot of careful choices when designing your landscape, from choosing the kind of grass you lay down to planning your garden’s layout. So, why would you go with a generalized contractor to perform your irrigation service?

Hiring a general contractor to perform all of the irrigation services can end in disaster, as they are not specially trained. But not all specialized irrigation contractors are the same – you need to hire the best of the best for a healthy, beautiful lawn.

In this post, we want to explain how to do just that.

What to Look for in an Irrigation Contractor:

Quick Response Time

You will want a contractor that can help you in the event of an emergency, such as a broken sprinkler pipe. If they aren’t able to guarantee a quick response time, it could leave you with a flooded yard while you wait.

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer experience

You want to work with an irrigation service that cares about your experience. Be sure to test out their customer service before hiring by giving them a call or sending in an email.

  • Did they answer quickly?
  • Was the representative helpful and knowledgeable?

HOA, COA, and Commercial Compliance

Some HOAs, COAs, or commercial areas have specific requirements for irrigation system layouts. Violating these rules could leave you with hefty fines. Be sure to ask the irrigation contractors if they have experience working within these regulations.

Smart irrigation System Upgrades

Upgrade to a smart irrigation system

The latest Smart Irrigation Systems are far more energy-efficient and convenient with remote operation, timers, and digital alerts. Ask your contractor if they are able to install these types of upgrades to your system.

Specialized Knowledge Regarding Your System

Irrigation systems are uniquely designed for each space based on the layout. Plus, different brand systems require different services and specialized knowledge. For instance, if you have RainBird sprinklers, it is best to hire a contractor that is trained for this system specifically.

Irrigation Auditing

Irrigation auditing

It is important to test your system from time to time to detect issues like clogged pipes or uneven watering cycles. Ask your contractor if they conduct these types of audits before repairs.

Year-Round Service

Routine maintenance is necessary to keep an irrigation system operating properly. Specialists should come several times a year for service checks and to winterize the pipes before the first freeze.

Irrigation System Installation

Professional garden irrigation installation

Specialists should be trained for customized system installation based on your lawn’s design. Some areas may require more water coverage than others, so it’s important to hire a contractor that knows how to optimize the layout.

Residential Garden and Drip Systems

Residential gardens drip system

The hydration needs of your lawn can vary depending on the foliage and shade coverage. Be sure to ask if they can install drip systems to ensure that the landscape is evenly watered.


It is important to partner with a specialized irrigation contractor to optimize your system, improve its efficiency, and provide year-round maintenance as needed.

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